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The Linth-Escher-Foundation is in existance since 1993. We revise the heritage (writings and drawings)
of Hans Conrad Escher von der Linth and publish parts of it. Our second goal is the discussion of possible 
solutions on the increasing problems of flood catastrophies. Finally our third dedication is the developement
of the brandnew interactive Terrain Model of Switzerland. As a consequence, we hold regular lectures and 
seminars about the "Linth-enterprise", this being one of the best examples of how to find ways to 
defend floods.             


What has been achieved so far?


The Linth-Escher-Society was founded as an association.
It is located in Mollis (Switzerland)


Our first publication appears with the title "Das Linthwerk - ein Stück Schweiz".


Reprint of Eschers Biography of J.J. Hottinger.

1995 to 1996

Purchase of the Bunker at the Escher-Canal. Installing the lecture-hall and the
permanent exhibition of our collection. See pictures


Extensive lectures and seminars at the lecture-hall


Publication of the "Personal biography of H.C. Escher von der Linth" in two volumes, 896 pages with numerous illustrations and footnotes. Limited edition of 300 Books.


Publication of the complete material of Eschers Political institute of Zurich.
3 Volumes, 996 pages.

1999 im Mai

Reorganisation of the Society into a foundation. The founders are: René Brandenberger (President), Heinz Ackermann (Treasurer), Ralf Escher (Vice-President), Professor Dr. Conrad Schindler (Deputy of the Federal Institute of Technologie ETH Zürich), Dr. Fritz Schiesser (Member of the Swiss Senat and president of the Swiss National Foundation), 4 seats vacant.
See Board of the Foundation


Installation of the library

2000 Publication of "Schindler, Escher und das Haltly". 240 pages, 125 Illustrations and many footnotes. Backgroundinformation about the Linth-Scheme
Autumn 2000

Bust in bronce of Escher by Rolf Brem, Sculptor from Lucerne. See pictures

Autumn 2001

Finishing the lecture-hall by installation of an elevator for handicapped people. This installation is being sponsored by

Septembre 2002

Publication of the complete Oeuvre Catalogue of Hans Conrad Escher von der Linth
See our publications

2007 In collaboration with the Governments of the Canton Glarus and St. Gall we organized the 200 Year Jubilee of the Linth-Enterprise. The exhibition took place for 6 month at the Freulerpalast in Näfels. The Linth-Escher-Foundation delivered two multimedia displays. This was the beginning of the devloppment work of Interactive Terrain Models. The Prototyp is now placed at the lecture-hall.
2008 First Project of an interactive Terrain Model of Switzerland about the Centralpart of the Country. This model is now placed at the Museum Glaciersgarden in Lucerne.

Bau von drei weiteren Reliefanlagen für die Centralschweizerischen Kraftwerke AG in Luzern mit einem Geländeausschnitt im Massstab 1 : 95 000 der die Kantone Luzern, Schwyz und Uri als Versorgungsgebiet der CKW umfasst. See Presentation CKW

2010 Fertigstellung des Reliefprojektes Glarus2011 für die Gemeindestrukturreform. Übergabe am 21. April 2010 im Rathaus Glarus.
2011 Bau von zwei interaktiven Reliefs der ganzen Schweiz im Massstab 1 : 200 000 für die AXPO und CKW.
2011 bis 2014 Bau von 4 interaktiven Reliefs für die Regierung des Kantons Graubünden im Rahmen der Entwicklung von Naturparks, d.h. Parc Ela, Naturpark Beverin, Biosfera Val Müstair und Tektonikarena Sardona.
See Presentation of interactive Reliefs Summary


A short overview about
the Linth-Escher-Foundation