The Linth - Escher - Foundation


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The lecture-hall of the Linth-Escher-Fountadion is located at the Escher-Canal in Mollis.
The building is a camouflaged Bunker dating back to the second world war, built in 1942. 
The lecture-hall holds up to 30 persons, equipt with the most modern audio equipment 
available. There ist also a permanent exhibition of original documents of the so called 
"Linth-enterprise", historical tools of hydraulic engineering, a model sized 1 : 10'000 
and a 3 - D slide show. During the summer the building  is heated by a solar collector in 
order to avoid high humidity by condensation. Since 1996 the Linth-Escher-Foundation 
organizes regular lectures with respect to historical and modern aspects of hydraulic
engineering. In order to get in touch with us please use the 
Information-form or write to the Linth-Escher-Foundation 



Visitors are kindly requested to leave the car at the parking area at the train station nearby Näfels-Mollis.
The lecture-hall (Bunker) is located on the left dam-wall, within a 10 minutes walk from the train station.


Pictures of the lecture-hall










The lecture-hall at the Escher-Canal