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The first enterprise of Switzerland of common utility is called the "Linth-Scheme". This enterprise included the
river correction of the Linth river as well as the connection of both lakes Walensee and Zurichsee. The
enterprise was carried out between 1807 until 1823. It is interesting to note that this enterprise was the
first public company of Switzerland with private and public investors.

This river correction became necessary, as all the land between the two lakes turned into swamps and
agricultural use of the land was no longer possible. As a result of the swamps peopble became ill with malaria.
Especially children and elderly people died by thousands and there was a great danger that the whole
population in this area would be wiped out.

Hans Konrad Escher from Zurich took the initiative to realize this large project. His work was appreciated so
much by the Swiss governement that he was given the honour of being called "von der Linth", added to his name.
No other Swiss before or after Escher was given any sort of predicat. Besides Escher, Conrad Schindler from
Glarus and Daniel Osterried from Berne assisted Escher in leading the enterprise. Our foundation has
published several books about the "Linth-Scheme" and you are kindly invted to order them by
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small plan of the Linth-Scheme printed on an invitationcard for the festivities when
Escher was given the predicate "von der Linth" 1824

The "Linth-Enterprise"