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This project is a brandnew multimedia and interactive application, firstly presented in 2007 to the public in Switzerland. In fact, we may talk of the analogy of the third dimension, since the terrain model may not only be inspected visible, but can be touched by your hands phyiscally as well. This is an overwhelming experience! Some projects have been realized so far about Switzerland, but the application is suitable, of course, for any spot of the world, as long as the topography is somewhat mountenous and interesting and the actual scale does not exceed a measurment of 1 : 100'000. In other words, this size represents in nature an area of 120 kilometers to 90 kilometers. The terrain model finally has a size of 120 cm to 90 cm. These terrain models are being done by a roboter, based on an elevetation model either by NASA or by ESA. The material is transparent. This allows to project any sort of information about the represented landscape by rear-projection. Visitors my ask these informations by a touch-monitor. The informations can be anything, like: Topographical information, geographical information, geological information and so on. Borders, roads, mountains, political informations, cities and villiages, as well as any sort of touristic informations are most suitable to be shown to the visitors. Consequently, this multimedia application is perfect for schools, museums, scientific needs and so on. On the other hand, it is a most interesting way to show and present a local landscape to tourists and visitors in order to make them learn more about the land. Visitors learn on the terrain model "where" something happens, and on the touch-screen "what" happens at the same time. Contents on the touch-screen may be images, video-clips, panoramas, audio-input and so on. Further more, since the application is basically a data-pool, these contents may be extended with no limits and can be acutalized any time. The application is indeed a most impressive eye-catcher to the public!

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The Terrain Model Project
of Switzerland